ESAwards 2018

Rich Eastern Culture

The Eastern Region is rich, rich in every sense of the word, rich in history,  culture /tradition, Politics, agriculture, minerals and education.

The Eastern Region is rich in incredible human resources that has been the main pride of our people. In fact, until recently Ghana’s economy solution depended on energy from Akosombo which happens to be the biggest single US investment in sub Saharan Africa by then.


Foreign Exchange

Ghana’s biggest foreign exchange earner -cocoa was first planted at Mampong Akuapem and the only mineral refinery in Ghana is located in Akwatia. Eastern Region can also boast of lime stome bauxite.

The world leading fruit products like mango, pineapple, banana and orange are all produced in the Eastern on commercial basis.

Our Contribution To Ghana’s Independence

From Akyem to Akuapem, Anum to Akwamu, Kwahu to Krobo and Juaben to Boso who make up the Eastern Region, our fibre of existence is in our rich values that intertwine us together. Our common core values respect for  God and man, humility and industriousness had survived the test of generations.  No where in the Eastern Region will one start a speech without prefixing in with “please “.It’s said that it was an Akwamu Hene that drove the Danes out of the Osu castle during the colonial days therefore, it’s not surprising that in the struggle for independence, the big six were made up of three (3) strong Easterners.

For the people of the Eastern Region, dedication to nation building is in our genes.

It’s the realization of this richness, that motivated the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs and its partners to Organize the first Eastern Star Awards.


It’s worth recalling that with the election of the Eastern president of the Republican H. E Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo,the pride of Easterners has been restored. His government barely 15 months in office has truly demonstrated the true character of the people of the Eastern Region.

In response 2 thematic areas of priority to the government which are; Ghana beyond aid and one district, one factory, Nananom are taking steps to realize the dream, after all charity begins at home.

Realizing the inadequate government funding for its activities, the award organizers have partnered the private sector to award deserving personalities and businesses from the Eastern Region


  1. To strengthen the bond of ancestral, cultural and traditional relationships among Easterners.
  2. To celebrate our diversity as our strength.
  3. To honor distinguished personalities in the entire Region
  4. To attract investors in the Region.
  5. To celebrate achievements of past heroes.
  6. To brand the House of Chiefs to attract cooperate support.
  7. We intend as eastern regional house of chiefs to use the event this year to build a library at the secretariat to honor all our past heroes and a research center on eastern history and name it after our own president who introduced free SHS in Ghana

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