Eastern Star Awards Winners 2018

Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Wiafe Addae (Patience Addow Award – Woman Empowerment)

Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Wiafe Addai has about 29 years’ experience as a Medical officer in Ghana; spanning from 1989 to Date.  She has been a Breast Surgeon for the past sixteen (16) years and a consultant in Breast Cancer Management. Her training and wide scope of study as a specialist Breast Pathologist and a surgeon has placed her at a convenient position as the Chief Executive Officer and the Consultant Breast Surgeon of the Peace and Love Hospitals both in Accra and Kumasi; a specialist hospital that is championing the cause of Breast Cancer and its related diseases in Ghana.

Due to her charisma, Dr. Wiafe Addai is known as a fine role model and inspiration to women and society as a whole. She became the first Ghanaian female specialist general surgeon. By God’s grace and her endowed knowledge, hundreds of women have been healed of various diseases through her directives particularly Breast Cancer.

From a humble beginning fifteen (15) years ago, Peace and Love Hospital now serves as a resource Centre for the Diagnosis, treatment, Counselling, Rehabilitation, and Research for Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Hepatitis Infections and Renal Dialysis among others. It is in view of these, other tangible facts, and through her innovation and preoccupation with developing the Infrastructure of Breast Cancer Advocacy, Breast Care
International (BCI), an NGO that seeks the promotion of Breast Cancer Awareness in Ghana especially in the
remote communities, was concerted in 2002 in Kumasi to intensify public awareness on the disease.

This Public Awareness campaign has salvaged hundreds of women from the devastating effect of Breast Cancer and its related diseases.

Dr. Wiafe Addai is a wife, mother and teacher, who is also a member of several professional bodies including the Ghana Medical Association, Surgical Society of Russia, Soviet Trained Graduates Association, and International Federation of University Women (IFUW). Her passion and aspiration for the prevention, awareness
and treatment of breast cancer has earned her an honorable recognition in Ghana and internationally as one of
the champions advocating for the eradication of the disease.

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