Eastern Star Awards Winners 2018

Combine Farms (Tetteh Quarshie Award – Agriculture (Horticulture)

Mr. Daniel Safo can take pride in his exceptional career in banking and commerce, which includes over twenty
years with the Ghana Commercial Bank. At the height of his banking career he was Area Manager at the Head
Office. He also spent time in a senior role in London. In 1979 he decided to opt for early retirement in order to
pursue his passion for farming.

  • He saw the potential for the large-scale production of non-traditional farm produce, focusing on both local and
    export markets. Through his tireless efforts, Daniel promoted the supply of pineapple seedlings (suckers)
    that were not then available on the market. This paved the way for the commercial cultivation of pineapple in Ghana. He collaborated with farmers in Samsam, a town in the Eastern Region, leading to extensive cultivation of suckers. This has in turn also created significant employment, which still benefits the economy. Daniel set up Combined Farmers in 1977, with a strong focus on promoting agribusiness in Ghana. At its peak, Combined Farmers was responsible for over 50% of the total pineapple exports from Ghana, generating the
    much needed foreign exchange. Combined Farmers was recognized locally and internationally for its positive
    contribution to the Ghanaian economy. The company was nominated for several awards over the years. Notable achievements include:
  •  Eastern Region National Best Farmer 1985
  • National Best Farmer 1989
  • African National Awards

Combined Farmers (CF) was also the first Ghanaian company to sell pineapples to Marks & Spencer in the
UK, and replaced Kenya as the main supplier of pineapples in Switzerland. Daniel then expanded the
business, creating a cargo and logistics company (Cargo Dor) to support the air-freighted export of CF produce to Europe. Unfortunately, the company suffered a significant setback when the cargo business was forced to halt operations. This was because of ‘concerns’ expressed during the period of the military regime under
Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings.

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